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Plain Vegan

This took a lot of effort to get it right. Vegans tell us we hit the target!


Pecan Vegan*

Vegan butter tart with vegan pecans


Raisin Vegan*

Vegan butter tart with vegan raisins

17, 39

3.5” Tart Shells

Bake your own tarts with our vegan tart shells


9” Pie Shells

Make your own sweet or savoury gluten free pie

* Please provide 24 hours’ notice by calling 647 748-1818

** Available Seasonally

*** We always have a selection of our sweet pies in the store. We prepare them in advance and flash freeze them so that they remain fresh for you. If you have a special request, please call us at 647 748-1818 providing 48 hours’ notice


VEG = VEGETARIAN Because we only use butter (not lard) in all pastry and recipes, all of our products are vegetarian except of course those with chicken and beef.

GF = everything we do is gluten free!