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Shortbread Cookies

My Mom’s recipe… so rich… so amazing


Peanut Butter Cookies

Chewy cookies with whole peanuts


Chocolate Chip Cookies

We think these are amazing


9" Peach Pie

We love to use fresh peaches, definitely my fav


9" Apple Pie

Traditional, timeless, made with a crumble top or pastry top


9" Pecan Pie

Like our neighbours to the south, but no corn syrup


9" Pumpkin Pie

The name says it all, but instead of evaporated milk, we use 35% cream


9" Blueberry Pie

We make our blueberry pie with or without sour cream. I prefer the sour cream blueberry pie.


Emma’s Fudge Cake (=Brownies!)

This is a long story. Emma came to live at my grandmother’s house in Weston, Ont. From western Canada in the 1930’s. She brought this recipe with her and whenever the household was allotted its pound of butter (they were rationed during wartime) they would make this. It is truly divine. Thank you Emma!


9" Anything-you-want Pie***

We are more than happy to make any pie you desire. Just give us a couple days’ notice please.


Scones (Variety)

Sometimes plain, lemon blueberry, currant, apricot, maple walnut… whatever strikes our fancy


Lemon Squares

My Mom’s recipe with a shortbread crust, real zest and fresh lemon juice


Christmas Fruit Cake**

When the holidays approach, we make this for you fruit cake lovers!


9” Pie Shells

Make your own sweet or savoury gluten free pie

17, 39

Tart Shells (3.5” or 2”)

 Or make your own tarts

* Please provide 24 hours’ notice by calling 647 748-1818

** Available Seasonally

*** We always have a selection of our sweet pies in the store. We prepare them in advance and flash freeze them so that they remain fresh for you. If you have a special request, please call us at 647 748-1818 providing 48 hours’ notice


VEG = VEGETARIAN Because we only use butter (not lard) in all pastry and recipes, all of our products are vegetarian except of course those with chicken and beef.

GF = everything we do is gluten free!