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Almond Kookies

These cookies full of nutty goodness really stave off the sweet craving. You don’t need to eat many


Lemon Coconut Kookies

Coconut flour and toasted coconut along with pure lemon oil (cold pressed from the skins of lemons) make these so yummy


Tangerine Pecan Kookies

Last of the 3 keto kookie flavours, this one contains toasted pecans and cold pressed tangerine oil

43 Cheddar Dill

Cheddar Dill Krackers

When I was on the keto diet, I really missed crackers with my cheese. Unable to find anything I could eat, I decided to make up my own recipes. By themselves they are great and of course even better with cheese

44 Sesame Flax

Sesame Flax Krackers

Healthy and less intense, these pair with anything or nothing at all

* Please provide 24 hours’ notice by calling 647 748-1818

** Available Seasonally

*** We always have a selection of our sweet pies in the store. We prepare them in advance and flash freeze them so that they remain fresh for you. If you have a special request, please call us at 647 748-1818 providing 48 hours’ notice


VEG = VEGETARIAN Because we only use butter (not lard) in all pastry and recipes, all of our products are vegetarian except of course those with chicken and beef.

GF = everything we do is gluten free!